Well here we have it, can you believe Joshua and I have been entrusted with a room full of students? We are beyond excited! Whereas I have begun planning for my Grade 5/6 class and prepping guided reading, and other fun stuff. Joshua shows his excitement in other ways. He is incredible at teaching children and has a way of connecting with teenagers that makes me proud, his planning just looks a little different. Some who know him may question me when I call it “planning”, Joshua “plans”? It looks a little more like prepping for a hockey, and figuring out how to work the Vancouver Canucks into as many units as possible. Don’t get me wrong, even though we have different approaches to teaching we both have high expectations that our students learn to love learning, and how to think critically. Here you will get to see how we each experience successes with our students and overcome obstacles in the classroom. Enjoy!


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