Hello, Rebecca here. I thought I would explain a little about why we (mostly I) included a page about cooking. I love cooking. Joshua likes cooking. While I do it for the love of trying new recipes, Joshua cooks out of necessity. We both try to stick to eating whole foods, but those of you who have the pleasure of knowing us 😉 know we cannot turn down chips and chocolate. I am often trying new recipes and I am excited to have the challenge of working with limited ingredients as we live in Whati. Follow along here to see how I adapt recipes, and hopefully cook with caribou!



  1. Hi Rebecca and Josh, found out about your blog site through Deborah. Not sure when school started for you, but we are done 2 very warm days here. Should be cooling off tonight, your temperatures are likely much cooler already . Hope here first few days of teaching have gone well. Will definitely keep reading and would also love to be resource if you need some ideas or support.



    • Hi Evelyn! Well it has been a few weeks of school now and I know you have heard from my mom how it has been a little rough. I don’t think any amount of education can prepare you for your first class. We are definitely learning as we go, and making the necessary adjustments, which is all we can do right now. The community we live in wonderful! And the people we work with are absolutely amazing, so helpful! The kids here are just not used to structure and finding it hard to transition back to school. I have a 5/6 class and for LA we are working at about a grade 3 level (that’s my highest student). I would love any advice you have in regards to teaching reading and writing. We are desperately trying to catch the students up to their age level and communicate to the students how crucial it is that they can read. Thank you for following our blog! We are amazed at how many people are reading it.


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