Yellowknife, Yellowknife. My dear friend.

Tim Hortons. Walmart. Domino’s Pizza. Staples. Independent. Canadian Tire.

What do these all have in common? They all exist in Yellowknife.


Yellowknife = Paradise.

Why do I bring this up you might ask? Last week Joshua was flown out of Whati for PD in a community near Yellowknife. This week, it is my turn. This means we are put up in the Super 8, provided a car, and expected to drive the 1.5 hours on an icy road to Bechekho. We work in PD from 8:45 – 4:00, make the drive back to Yellowknife and then go crazy running errands to buy groceries, school supplies, and anything else we might need.

I arrived in Yellowknife around 5:30 and proceeded to check into the Super 8. Then I dropped my friend off at the Independent and carried on myself to a restaurant. After enjoying the meal while reading my book I continued to Walmart. As you can imagine we do not have much opportunity to buy materials for teaching from the store in Whati. So I have been anticipating this trip to Walmart for a long time. I have my list of goodies for the kiddos already to go, and I cannot wait to see their faces when I return with new things for our classroom.

Alright, now to the fun stuff.

I have a wide variety of photos for you this time. All taken from my Iphone (please be forgiving).

See ya later alligator.


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