Chicken Alfredo for my man.

Well, it has been a long time coming and here were are. Joshua and I have chatted a lot about how I could start sharing what I cook, why I cook that way, and how I source our sometimes hard-to-find pantry items. It all began a few years back in university when I decided to use my diet to help tame digestive issues. Joshua introduced me to the paleo way and I kind of took it from there to meet my needs. I try to cook as paleo as I can, but if you know us, you know we love our treats too. One thing for sure is that I stay far away from dairy, and secondly I try my very hardest to avoid grains. It is easier to avoid grains when I am cooking for my self and live in a town with no restaurants, or fast food. But when I am in Toronto and my mom makes amazing meals, or we go out for dinner, or are on long drives to the cottage, that is when the grains sneak in.

I devoted a lot of my time in University (when I should have been studying) to figuring out a) how to cook, b) how to cook with lots of different spices, c) how to use these new ingredients for my baking and d) where to buy all these ingredients on a students’ budget. There is a ton of information out there now, and there are WAY more cookbooks and blogs with recipes. I may, or may not, have too many cookbooks. It is known within our marriage that to cheer me up after a bad day Joshua can just agree to order the latest cookbook on my wishlist for my kindle or buy one from Chapters (we may have driven to the mall in Vancouver, while at a conference,  at 10 pm just to buy Purdy’s chocolate and the latest cookbook that is only sold on the West Coast).

All right, so here is my first recipe. Let’s clarify something – I do not make these up. This Chicken Alfredo recipe is from The Domestic Man’s Cookbook called, “Paleo Takeout”. For that reason I can not attach a link. But you can find the recipe in his cookbook.

This recipe is especially exciting because it uses my beloved spiralizer. Something I waited for for years and finally ‘splurged’on this summer.

So, here we go.


There you have it. A slew of photos I took on Friday night while I made Chicken Alfredo.

A few notes. We use the spirallzer to make ‘zoodles’ to avoid eating grains. I simply spiral the zucchini and then blanch them for 30 seconds, and then run them under cold water. To replace heavy cream I add 1 cup chicken broth to 1 cup coconut milk. I ought to be using homemade – nutrient dense chicken broth…but that is a little hard to come by when you are a half hour plane ride away from the closest city. And we do not have chickens here. Frozen veggies are a staple here since we can’t count on our communities weekly shipment having vegetables, nor can we can count on the plane with the groceries landing, nor can we count on them being in good shape, or there even being any left in the store by the time we get there. Frozen veggies are our friend.

I think that is all. I hope you like seeing what we eat. Oh. I also decided to make brownies at 10 pm. I managed to make them start to finish while Joshua took Lucy for a walk. has the best simple recipes (where I found the brownie recipe).

One comment

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Really fun keeping up with your blog – keep the recipes and food photos coming!! Would love to see you next time you are home!


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