Life is quiet.

Many years ago I moved to Switzerland with my parents – my Dad had work there and I had one year left of highschool; we picked everything up and headed that way. It was a wonderful year with lots of new experiences and lots of growing (on my part). It was also Joshua and I’s first year of dating, but that is a story for another time. My point in sharing this little story with you is to share what it has in common with this time we are spending in the Northwest Territories.  I have noticed that as soon as you move to a new and exciting place, people think your life is going to be constantly filled with new and exciting adventures. It happened while I was in Switzerland and it is happening while we are here, in Whati.

Of course we have a unique opportunity to spend time outdoors and explore Northern Canada, and we try our best to. But we are also first year teachers in an extremely difficult environment, raising a puppy, learning our way through our first year of marriage, and not to mention it is -43 degrees celsius right now.

This means many weekends are spent taking Lucy for walks, going into our classrooms to prep for the upcoming week, watching movies, reading, and for me – cooking! If the weather is suitable we will go for long walks with Lucy down on the lake, and that is always a treat. It is so beautiful. Although cold enough that we can’t take our gloves off to take pictures.

Today looks absolutely gorgeous outside and I was excited to venture out to take photos for you all, but Joshua informed me that it is so windy any exposed skin is in danger of frostbite…so, I guess not. Instead I will share photos of Lucy from Christmas. We spent time with Joshua’s family east of Toronto over the Holiday’s and Lucy loved playing with their 18-month old German Shepherd, Kodiak.


Check back later today, or tomorrow. I am experimenting with food photography and have a post in the making. I made paleo chicken alfredo, used my spiralizer to make zoodles, and took photos for you all –  be excited.

Thanks for stopping by.




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