Wolverines and Skidoos

What do these two things have in common? The antics of our daily life.

Let us begin with the wolverine. This event happened a few weeks ago now, but it proves to be a memorable one. We were going about our day at school when our principal, John, came on the announcements to notify staff and students recess was cancelled due to the ‘big W’. It had been cold and snowing lately so Joshua thought he was just being his normal, funny self and talking about Winter…when in fact he was referring to a wolverine. Let me be honest here, I had no idea wolverines were animals that lived in Canada. Let alone that they are ferocious little creatures. So there we had it, indoor recess filled with Just Dance on Youtube and a wolverine creeping the community.

Moving onto Skidooing. It took me a while to get used to the phrase ‘skidooing’. I would always say ‘snowmobiling’ and the kids would tilt their heads with raised eyebrows, confused by what I meant. Alas, I am now a Northerner in the sense that I refer to their chosen mode or transportation as ‘skidooing’. So these skidoos, they are everywhere! Roads no longer matter because skidoos can cut across fields, through forests, and use people’s backyards as shortcuts. Keep your eyes and ears open when in Whati, because they come zipping out of no where.

I had a crash course in driving a skidoo last week because I was asked to take my students onto the lake to check fishing nets with some locals. After a brief, 10 minute lesson from Joshua  John felt I was more than ready to drive kids onto the ice. O.K. If you say so. So the next morning my kids waited anxiously at our windows as another staff member and a few locals prepped the skidoos and sleds. Then we suited them up in thermal suits and helmets, put them on the back seats of the skidoos, crammed the rest of them in a sled, covered by a tarp to keep them warm, and headed out. If you asked me a year ago what I thought I would be doing in November of 2015…I never would have thought this. Enough writing, here are a few pictures of our adventure. PS. the students loved it!

Here are some other random pictures from the past while.

A few Sunday’s ago we took the school skidoos out to see the frozen water fall. It was a gorgeous, clear day for the ride.
Joshua packed coffee to warm us up.


The Winter Road is still closed, but the trails are open so locals have begun skidooing to the closest community.

That’s all for now. See you all in 9 days!


One comment

  1. Love reading about all your adventures. What an experience you are having. Your photos are amazing. Although I don’t think I would cope with the cold temperatures! It’s cold, windy and very wet here in Glasgow and across the uk but still above freezing!!! Have a great time back home. Love to you both. Hazel xx


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