Moving Week

Holy Smokes, packing is a lot of work. I had packed for school all the years I lived near Tyndale, and packed for summers at camp countless times, but this week was something completely different. Joshua and I decided to take the week at home to pack everything for our home in Whati. The relocation office told us they would send a truck to pick up our belongings and we would then receive it all in Whati sometime around when we arrive (August 21). All we know about the place we are moving to is that it is a 2 bedroom, 1 floor home…and it backs onto a forest at the outskirts of the community, oh and it is also unfurnished. This meant we had 2000 lbs to pack home furnishings, outdoor gear, teaching supplies, clothes, and any food we wanted to bring along (I’ll touch on that later).

Day 1: My mom and I ventured to IKEA to buy basic furniture (couch, bed, tables). It was a challenge to be buying for Joshua and I’s first home and my main priority was the weight of the packages, and not the style of the furniture. We shall see if we can tie it all together and have it not look miss-matched! Joshua stayed home and sorted through all his belongings; decided what should come, what should be donated and what will be in storage for the year.

Day 2: Among running a bunch of errands I spent the day sorting through my own belongings – by this point my bedroom at my parents was a disaster. I even have a picture for proof.


Joshua had a looong day as he had to drive back up to MYW to collect our clothing from the airstream (and some other things that would not fit in the Tercel) and make many stops on the way to buy winter clothing and gear we need for Whati.

Day 3: Attack day! Joshua just described it to me : ) Pretty much we stayed home and sorted everything into boxes so that whatever is left behind is organized for storage and whatever is coming is organized in the garage. Basically it consisted of a lot of moving items from room, to room.

Exhausted at the end of the day, we just crashed on the floor and had a good laugh.
Exhausted at the end of the day, we just crashed on the floor and had a good laugh.


Day 4: Costco!! Phew, that was an important day. We were advised to bring as many supplies as possible so we can avoid the shipping costs of goods in the community store. The food is not insanely overly priced as many people think it is, it is just cheaper to ship it now with the rest of our stuff. Also, there are many ingredients that I love to cook with and I am certain will not be sold in Whati. Thus, Costco! Again, our major concern was the weight of items, so there my Mom and I are standing in the aisles with bottles of detergent in our hands trying to figure out which one weighs less! We also “weighed”: toilet paper, sauces, flours, coffee, chocolate, granola bars, and paper towel.

Day 5: Final Day! The moving company is going to pack everything into boxes for us, so we just needed to make sure it was ready to go and organized. We also had to stay on top of the 2000 lb weight limit. I wish I had a picture to show you! Late into the night Joshua was weighing everything on a tiny bathroom scale while I sat there in a chair with a High School Musical blanket recording all the numbers. We know, a bathroom scale is not very accurate. We just needed a general idea of how much our stuff weighed so we could either remove items, or add more!

It seems a disaster, but I'll have you know everything is labeled and organized by room.
It seems a disaster, but I’ll have you know everything is labeled and organized by room.

Moving Day! And now we are here – moving day. I am sitting in the living room as I write this, watching the movers pack it all in the truck – a huge sense of relief. The process of moving has not been smooth to say the least. There is a lack of communication between the relocation office, our boss, us, and the moving company. It is good to see this day come!

So long stuff, see you in Whati!

Until next time! Rebecca



  1. Good for you Rebecca and Josh. A great time in life to have an adventure. I assure you – there will be no regrets.
    Don and I left for Newfoundland – northern tip via car – Tad 5 months old 2 years after being married. our first stop – we had to give active Tad a gravol suppository – I left our small comfy seat for him on top of the roof as we had a picnic at the side of the dusty road and of course ran over it. We almost divorced – but many days later dragging a homemade trailer behind us we arrived at the Grenfell mission to settle in for the year. I think we both
    “grew up” there – if you know what I mean.


    • Becky! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I am still trying to figure out to work this blog. Thank you so much for your comment and thoughts. It is very comforting to know other couples/families have gone through similar experiences and only have good things to say. So far our time in Whati has been great and we feel very at home here. A huge help is that we have a great community of teachers and friends on top of the great community that already exists. We love the pace of life and the fact that we get to spend most of our time outdoors…that is until the -30 temperatures come along. We hope you enjoy our future posts, keep reading!!

      Rebecca & Joshua


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